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Captain John P. Jones

John Jones is an avid cave diver that can be found most weekends in one of North Florida's beautiful underwater caves whether he is teaching or simply diving for the fun of it.  He believes that the instructor student relationship does not end with the class and consequently many of his fun dives are in the company of former students. He enjoys getting his former students involved in cave diving activities such as exploration, surveying, conservation and volunteering with some of the many service organizations associated with the cave community.   His home in Lake City, FL, has become a frequent stop for former students and friends looking for a dive buddy, advice about or the loan/repair of gear, a place to crash, a friendly chat, an evening of entertainment channel surfing, or a group of cave divers to go to dinner with.

John believes that no two individuals have the same instructional needs and tries to customize his training to match each student's requirements. This philosophy permits him to work students requiring additional training time, into existing training schedules so that they will have maximum diving opportunities to refine their skills with minimal added expense to the student. Technical diving is an expensive sport. In order to help students make good decisions in equipment, John maintains an ample inventory of quality Dive Rite equipment for the use of his students while they are in training.

If you're looking for an instructor that believes when the course ends mentoring begins, John is the instructor for you. 

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